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Palo Alto police chief to retire after 35 years

Mercurynews Dec 13: Burns was the incident commander following a plane crash and subsequent power outage in East Palo Alto, according to the city. (more…)

Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns announces retirement

Crime – Paloaltoonline Dec 13: And in Thu Jan 1 1970, he was the incident commander when a small private plane hit a PG&E tower and crashed into an East Palo Alto neighborhood, killing all 3 passengers and knocking out power in the area. (more…)

Police Chief Dennis Burns to Retire at End of Year

Cityofpaloalto Dec 13: Burns led Palo Alto as incident commander following a plane crash and subsequent power outage in East Palo Alto, and has been actively involved in various professional organizations, as well as community efforts centered around youth… (more…)

County aims to protect residents from Trump administration

Long article from Mv-Voice Dec 12: Ilyce Shugall, the directing attorney at Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, told supervisors that there is already a backlog of 36,400 cases in San Francisco’s immigration court for non-detained immigrations,… (more…)

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East Palo Alto (Block5)

Menlo Park cops catch two teens burglarizing Willows home

Almanacnews Mar 8: The teens, fifteen and sixteen years old, from East Palo Alto, were booked into Hillcrest Juvenile Hall for possession of stolen house and burglary. (more…)

Inside Immigration Court: Are Deportation Hearings In The Bay Area Unconstitutional?

Crime – Comprehensive coverage in Eastbayexpress Mar 8: The directing attorney of Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, Shugall is one of a couple dozen pro-bono lawyers who try to provide counsel to a fraction of the people facing deportation in San Francisco. (more…)

21 cars broken into at dealer, one arrested

Smdailyjournal Mar 7: The car was later found in flames near Hwy 101 and University Avenue in East Palo Alto, according to prosecutors. (more…)

Palo Alto boys open old-school arcade

Paloaltoonline Mar 4: We chose to donate to the Brentwood Academy School Library (in East Palo Alto) because not everybody has access to a library, Jacob said. (more…)


East Palo Alto (Block6)

Neighborhoods of SIlicon Valley — Woodland Creek, East Palo Alto

Youtube: A look at the Woodland Creek neighborhood of East Palo Alto, California.

East Palo Alto Boxing Club

Youtube: Support the children and check out the East Palo Alto Boxing Club.