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East Palo Alto

NorCal basketball: SCU to host upper-division finals Saturday

Mercurynews Mar 16: We’ve spent half the season at East Palo Alto YMCA. (more…)

High school district eyes election overhaul: Trustees prep for embracing by-district elections held in even years

Smdailyjournal Mar 15: A greater concern is drumming up interest among members of the district serving East Palo Alto and the North Fair Oaks community in Redwood City to run for the board, commented Du Bois. (more…)

East Palo Alto family says they were harassed by men claiming to be ICE

Comprehensive coverage in Paloaltoonline Mar 10: Bounty hunters entered home, interrogated family about immigration status… (more…)

Girls basketball: Menlo-Atherton wins Round 1 vs. SHP

Mercurynews Dec 31: EAST PALO ALTO — At least the Sacred Heart Prep girls basketball (illustration) team lasted longer than Ronda Rousey. (more…)

Exclusive: How Zuckerberg and Chan’s new private school mixes health care and education

Comprehensive coverage in Mercurynews Dec 23: In East Palo Alto, a city with minorities and families living in poverty near the wealthy enclaves of Silicon Valley, The Primary School opened its doors this year to 51 low-income preschool students. (more…)

Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns announces retirement

Crime – Paloaltoonline Dec 13: And in Thu Jan 1 1970, he was the incident commander when a small private plane hit a PG&E tower and crashed into an East Palo Alto neighborhood, killing all 3 passengers and knocking out power in the area. (more…)





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East Palo Alto (Block5)

Menlo Park cops catch two teens burglarizing Willows home

Almanacnews Mar 8: The teens, fifteen and sixteen years old, from East Palo Alto, were booked into Hillcrest Juvenile Hall for possession of stolen house and burglary. (more…)

Inside Immigration Court: Are Deportation Hearings In The Bay Area Unconstitutional?

Crime – Comprehensive coverage in Eastbayexpress Mar 8: The directing attorney of Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, Shugall is one of a couple dozen pro-bono lawyers who try to provide counsel to a fraction of the people facing deportation in San Francisco. (more…)

21 cars broken into at dealer, one arrested

Smdailyjournal Mar 7: The car was later found in flames near Hwy 101 and University Avenue in East Palo Alto, according to prosecutors. (more…)

Palo Alto boys open old-school arcade

Paloaltoonline Mar 4: We chose to donate to the Brentwood Academy School Library (in East Palo Alto) because not everybody has access to a library, Jacob said. (more…)


East Palo Alto (Block6)

Neighborhoods of SIlicon Valley — Woodland Creek, East Palo Alto

Youtube: A look at the Woodland Creek neighborhood of East Palo Alto, California.

East Palo Alto Boxing Club

Youtube: Support the children and check out the East Palo Alto Boxing Club.

East Palo Alto

What’s in the CAFR 2016? (Are we now a company town?)

Long article from Almanacnews Mar 3: …open case of East Palo Alto suit for approving office growth without sufficient low income housing. In a recent similar case the City had to pay the plaintiff’s expenses, in addition to any housing contributions make the problem go away. (more…)

East Palo Alto

Kids in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto team up to cheer peers at hospital

Almanacnews Feb 16: The project was an exercise in community service for parents and students at 3 schools: (more…)

East Palo Alto

Raise for fire chief still leaves him making less than his deputy

Almanacnews Mar 3: The chief and deputy chief each make more than the city managers of Menlo Park, Atherton or East Palo Alto, as well as the fire chiefs in Palo Alto and the Woodside Fire Protection District. (more…)

East Palo Alto

Palo Alto: Private guard helps police track down teen burglars

Crime – Mercurynews Mar 1: Police arrested 3 East Palo Alto boys early Tue morning after a private security guard in a Palo Alto neighborhood noticed the teens pulling on door handles of cars parked on the street and entering one NC (more…)

East Palo Alto

UPDATE: Dump truck hits U.S. Highway 101 overpass

Mv-Voice Mar 4: Traffic east of the freeway in East Palo Alto at the University Avenue overpass and East Bayshore Road was also jammed. (more…)

East Palo Alto

Fear spreads as feds plan to expand deportations

Mv-Voice Feb 24: But those reports of sweeping roundups were false, stated Ilyce Shugall, an attorney with the Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto. (more…)

East Palo Alto

Hoaxes, rumors of local ICE arrests are false

Long article from Mv-Voice Feb 28: Rumors of USA Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent sightings in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park are not true ICE spokesman and East Palo Alto police spokespeople said. (more…)

East Palo Alto

Fighting for children’s health care: A pediatrician’s perspective

Med Stanford Feb 23: …Hospital Stanford and lived with that person mom in East Palo Alto. in CA is also mentioned (archive) (more…)